Work with us on the IBSA World Games Birmingham 2023

On the journey towards delivery 14-27 August 2023, there will be a range of opportunities to supply goods/services for the ‘Games.

We want our procurement processes to be as clear as possible. To help, we advertise contract opportunities for goods and services on the Find it in Birmingham website, Contracts Finder, and the ‘Find a Tender‘ page on the government’s website (dependant on value)

For low value quotes, below £25,000 we will typically source quotes directly via email. All higher value quotes will be advertised as described above, and accessible via the Council’s Tender portal In-tend

If you have any questions or need advice email 

For more details on procurement please go to

The IBSA World Games Birmingham has opportunities for organisations to engage with and support the delivery of the event as a partner, sponsor, supporter or provider. For further information or to explore the opportunities for you or your organisation, please contact us by email: