Audio commentary at the World Games

We welcome everyone to enjoy the IBSA World Games. If you are coming to spectate at the World Games, we will have a live sports presenter at ticketed sporting events.

The sports presenter will make introductions, announce teams and will commentate on key elements of the sport unfolding in front of you.

This will not be a running commentary of what is continually happening, as blind and partially sighted athletes need to play in relative silence, as they are often listening to sounds, and their team mates/coaches for instruction and guidance in the field of play.

Therefore commentary happens when there are breaks in play.

We hope that for blind and partially sighted spectators, this system can help everyone have an understanding of each match and competition and how each sport is being played.

In addition, the sports of Judo, Football and Goalball are being live streamed to the IBSA YouTube Channel which will have live audio commentary. You could access this via your phone whilst watching the sport live.

Please note, if using this service, there will likely be a time delay in receiving the stream, which can be up to 30 seconds.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide audio description ear sets at the IBSA World Games as the facilities are not available at the majority of venues, however we hope these measures we have put in place will provide spectators with an enjoyable experience.

To access the spectator guide please click here.